Lori Ann Corelis  ~ Living a creative life . . .

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I grew up with a needle in my hand thanks to my mother who was a wonderful seamstress.  The greater part of my life has been spent sitting cross legged on the floor, stitching like a tailor in a children's fairy tale.  In "adulthood" I still live in that fairytale land, creating rabbits, bears and other woodland creatures. I find inspiration in a long list of "loves", from cherished antique textiles, mohair toys & holiday treasures, trims and sewing implements. even a special checkered button or a little velvet box can set my mind a twirl with ideas to create around it!  These days I do my best to incorporate as many antique and vintage materials into each original piece as possible. I feel it adds to the "soul" of the character and helps to preserve a bit of the past. 

I also enjoy creating antique inspired wool-work and  pincushions of hand dyed woolens, vintage linen and velvets, some of which include a small mohair animal. 

2018 marks my 31st. year living this creative life and each day I awake loving it!

Thank you to one and all who make this journey possible . . .

Lori Ann



Below please read a bit about how pieces become available and a little bit about my creative process.  As a "one woman show" , I design and create each piece individually. 

I also handle correspondence, photography, web design , packaging and most other elements of this small creative business.

(Bless my husband for handling shipping as that might put me over the edge!)

I do my best to keep everything running smoothly and thank you in advance for when it might not.

     Periodically I hold "online shows" (about every 8 weeks or as the seasons allow). These "shows" are held on a specific date and time on the "Gallery" page of this website.  Each piece is sold via email in a "first come first serve" format.  Please be patient with me during these shows as I work to answer each email in the order it's received.

      I also host what I like to call "Wild Hare Wednesdays", as time allows.  Weekly offerings of just one piece, available at noon EST on the main page of my blog.  This is  fun and subject to my creative whim of the week. This piece is often a rabbit, but might be a mouse, squirrel or other character

      In addition, I exhibit in a very limited number of "physical" shows each year. Details of those events can be found on my "events" page as well as on my blog.  Each is a beautiful show full of quality artisans and worth attending. (Two of these - the "From Our Hands" events, I also run along with a dear friend Rebekah L. Smith.)

Update 2018:

      I made the difficult decision a year or so ago not to accept any orders or commissions in the future. Spending most of 2016 healing from a badly broken leg has taught me that I need to slow down a little and let the creative juices lead me on their own path. We all get so busy and "filled up" with work, family and life that the only way to make room for new experiences is to let go of  things that no longer work. These things become fond memories and part of the history that makes us who we are.                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

     I love what I do, yet I need a little time to dream and create (and garden) with less pressure.  These days I am also called upon to help other family members with their health concerns and to play with our growing family of "wee ones" !  I will continue to offer new works on "Wild Hare Wednesdays" as well as on periodic "web shows" and at a few physical events a year.

     May all your stitches be happy!

     Lori Ann